Winters Heritage House Museum
& The Seibert Genealogy Research Library

Children & Family Workshops

Children and Family Workshops (ages 15 and younger) —A focused workshop, each taking approximately 90 minutes and offering plenty of hands-on opportunities. These are fun and educational gatherings for scouts, homeschool students, birthday parties, families, and even an all-adult group.

♦ Wool to Weaving —
See how wool is processed into yarn, try each step, and learn some weaving basics. Many of the steps were children’s chores, long ago!
Scherenschnitte – (Pennsylvania German Scissors cutting)We’ll teach you the tricks to cutting intricate designs from paper. Several levels of difficulty are offered.
German Folded Paper Stars – Learn to fold traditional Moravian-style paper stars from strips of paper. Especially fun for pre-teens and up. Once mastered, this is an addictive craft!
♦ Colonial Tea Party – Dress up in our early American costumes and spend a fun afternoon learning to embroider and practicing tea-time manners.

All Children and Family Workshops are $50/group for up to 8 children with a minimum of 2 adults.(as low as $5/person)

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