Winters Heritage House Museum
& The Seibert Genealogy Research Library
The Winters Heritage House is composed of three early adjacent structures;
a German log house (left side), a Scots-Irish log house (center), and a brick
and timber shop (right side)

Winters Heritage House Museum is located at 47 E High St. Elizabethtown, PA 17022

The History ofWinters Heritage House Museum

Located only ½ block from Elizabethtown’s square, the
Winters Heritage House Museum preserves two of the community’s earliest structures. Built in 1760, when this
area was the frontier of the British colonies, the homes
exhibit the building styles of Scots-Irish and German
settlers.  Slated for demolition in the late 1980s, these
historic structures were rescued and preserved by the
Elizabethtown Preservation Associates, an offshoot
of the town’s historical society and created to protect our
town’s vanishing historic structures.  Given new purpose as a non-profit educational entity, these colonial log buildings are now dedicated to research, preservation and
education of our town’s unique and wonderful history.
In 1995, Esther Winters, an Elizabethtown citizen with a love for history, took the fledgling museum under her wing and greatly assisted the volunteer efforts underway. 
To commemorate her generosity, the complex was named
The Winters Heritage House Museum.

About the Seibert Genealogy Library
and Resource Center

Almost from day one, the museum included the Seibert Genealogy Library and Resource Center, where museum
members and guests can research and enjoy all aspects
of Elizabethtown’s rich past. From family records, tax
& business records, and recorded memories, to maps,
published articles, photographs, and deeds, there is a treasure trove of unique information available within these walls. Ruth Seibert, the library’s founder, as well
as the Seibert family, have remained valued supporters
of this community-enriching effort.

Learn more about the Seibert Geneaology & Research Library

Elizabethtown Preservation Associates & Winters Heritage House Museum Mission Statement:
The Elizabethtown Preservation Associates, and Winters Heritage House Museum seek to preserve local history by engaging community support to identify buildings of historic significance; develop educational experiences that recognize contributions of early cultural groups in the greater Elizabethtown area; and acquiring artifacts, texts, and documents of historic value.

Located at 47 East High Street, Elizabethtown, PA, 17022 / 717 367-4672