Winters Heritage House Museum
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Upcoming Events

2021 Summer Calendar

May Quilt Show
This virtual exhibit featuring the Quilts of Covid, will remain online through July. Be sure to visit through the museum’s home page! 

Heir of the Bear—available at Moo-Duck Brewery

This creatively tweaked Poor Richard’s style ale (a molasses based beer) was brewed in collaboration with Moo-Duck Brewery, on Wilson Ave in Elizabethtown. Be sure to stop in and taste history either on tap or in bottles. Moo-Duck generously passes the proceeds on to the museum! 

Elizabethtown Trivia Hunt—June 1-30
Use your phone to follow the 1-mile trail of clues around downtown Elizabethtown, gathering historic details as you go.  Email the museum for the first clue, and start whenever it suits you. Prizes will be given to the first 10 to complete the tour! 

Free Summer Saturday Family Tours — June 5, July 3, and August 7
The museum will be open 10am to 3pm for free family-friendly hands-on activity tours. Treadle a spinning wheel, dig for archaeological artifacts, pet some pelts, and make a trade bead bracelet! 

Elizabethtown Baseball Exhibit
Our wonderful baseball exhibit opened March 13, 2020, the night that Covid was shutting everything down!  The remaining pieces of this exhibit will be on display within the museum throughout the summer. Please come by and take a victory lap of baseball history. 

Elizabethtown Fair
WHHM Textile Committee will be assisting in the Fleece to Shawl (Wed., 5pm @ petting zoo tent)            
Visit the WHHM booth in Memorial Hall (eves., 5-9)

Fall Exhibit
Picture Shows (Coming in October) From daguerreotypes and stereographs to glass slides and still photography, explore Elizabethtown through the unfolding of photographic technology.

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