Winters Heritage House Museum
& The Seibert Genealogy Research Library

Preserve Local History for Future Generations.

The Winters Heritage House Museum is largely a volunteer/community effort. It would not exist without the efforts of volunteers. We greatly enjoy working to preserve, develop and share our local history, and know our community values our efforts.

How you can help:

Become a Member

Consider a membership for yourself or as gift to a friend, re-newing your existing membership at the next giving level, or simply making a general donation to the cause.  

Make a Donation

Gifts large or small are all appreciated as we continue to do everything we can to  preserve history and provide enriching educational programming to the Elizabethtown community.


We have lots of odds and ends of projects and routine needs that need some man- or woman-power! Many tasks can be done remotely or at a responsible social distance.  

Thank you again, for your support; past, present, and future!